Datum Vortragende Thema
12.10.2018 re:work, SAIC Re:working Labour
4.06.2018 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2017/18
22.06.2018 Linda Colley und Jan C. Jansen Workshop: Exile and Emigration in an Age of War and Revolution (ca. 1750-1830)
15.06.2018 Sarah Bellows-Blakely Workshop: Doing Academia in a World in Crisis: Why and for Whom?
31.05.2018 Alexandre Fortes und David Mayer Book Presentation:
Brazilian Labour Histrory - New Perspectives in Global Context
30.05.2018 Leon Fink und Juan Manuel Palacio Book Launch:
Labor Justice across the Americas
16.05.2018 Alia Mossallam Gastvortrag:
This is What Socialism Looks Like: Soundscapes of Memory and Archiving Practices of the Aswan High Dam Workers (1960-1970)
03.05.2018 Görkem Akgöz und Nicola Pizzolato Workshop: Across the 'Post‐Industrial' Divide: Rearticulating the Factory as an Object of Inquiry in History and Anthropology
19.04.2018 Allen und Barbara Isaacman Gastvortrag: Indivisible Histories: Racial Violence and Clandestine Migration from Mozambique to Colonial Zimbabwe, 1900-1980 ca.
16.04.2018 Carolyn Steedman Gastvortrag: Work: History and Poetry
13.04.2018 Nitin Varma und Nitin Sinha Konferenz: 2nd International Conference Servants'Pasts
08.03.2018 Jennifer Hart Gastvortrag: Of Pirate Drivers and Honking Horns:  Mobility, Authority, and Urban Planning in Interwar Accra
16.01.2018 Susan Zimmermann re:work Lecture 2018: Arbeiterinnen aller Länder vereinigt Euch! Die gewerkschaftliche Frauen-Internationale und die internationale Geschlechterpolitik in der Zeit zwischen den Weltkriegen
10.01.2018 Mahua Sarkar Book Launch: Work out of Place
14.12.2017 Kris Manjapra Gastvortrag: Black Ocean of Credit: The British Abolition Act, Expansion in Asia, and the Futures of Slave Finance
29.10.2017 re:work - in Kooperation mit der National University of
San Martin (UNSAM)
Sommerakademie 2017: Labour, Rights, and Mobility (UNSAM, Buenos Aires)
15.09.2017 re:work Workshop: In-Between Empires: Trans-imperial History in a Global Age
05.07.2017 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2016/17
27.06.2017 Keith Breckenridge Gastvortrag: Biometric Capitalism: Infrastructures of Identification and Credit Surveillance on the African Continent
24.06.2017 re:work Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften: Zwischen Navigationskunst und Hafenspelunken - Das rauhe Leben der Seeleute im 19. Jahrhundert
20.06.2017 Shulamit Volkov Gastvortrag: Working Jews: Myth and Reality in a Global Perspective
23.05.2017 Rukmini Barua & Naveen Chander Workshop: History, Memory and the Archives of Experience: Oral Histories of Labour in South Asia
02.05.2017 re:work - in Kooperation mit dem Congreso Latinoamericano y del Caribe Kongress: Trabajo y Trabajadores (La Paz, Bolivien)
27.04.2017 Stephen Kotkin Gastvortrag: Stalin´s Great Terror (1936-1938): A Great Mystery?
07.03.2017 Carlos Quembo Gastvortrag: Productive/Unproductive Labour: the Socialist Mozambican Politics and Labour Mobility
16.02.2017 Nitin Varma & Nitin Sinha Konferenz: Servants’ Pasts, 16th to 20th Century
11.01.2017 Leon Fink re:work Lecture 2017: 'Deliverance' Revisited: Trump's Triumph, Liberal Elites, and the Zombie White Working Class
07.12.2016 Prabhu Mohapatra Gastvortrag: Living and Resisting Informality: Two Case Studies in India
06.12.2016 Thomas Lindenberger Gastvortrag: History of Industrial Accidents in the GDR
24.11.2016 Leoni Linek & Jakob Schäfer Workshop: Prekarisierung, Arbeit & Geschlecht
31.10.2016 Michael Wildt Gastvortrag: Work in National Socialism
05.10.2016 Felix Axster Workshop: »DEUTSCHE ARBEIT«: Entstehung, Charakteristik, Effekte eines antisemitischen Topos
26.09.2016 re:work - in Kooperation mit dem Geschichtsinstitut der Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Sommerakademie 2016: Labour, Politics, and Safety (Maputo, Mosambik)
14.07.2016 Lasse Heerten & Daniel Tödt Workshop: Imperial Port Cities in the Age of Steam. Towards a Comparative History of Entanglements
08.07.2016 Marcel van der Linden Konferenz: Informalizing Economies: The Present and Past of the Social Question at a Global Level
05.07.2016 Laurent Bazin Gastvortrag: The Politics of Work: A Global Perspective
04.07.2016 Hannah Schilling Workshop: Work in Contemporary City. From Youth’s Work Practices in Abidjan … to Conceptual Lenses on Work Beyond Wage
30.06.2016 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2015/16
22.06.2016 Dmitri van den Bersselaar Gastvortrag: ‘Insulting the Bosses Won't Help’: Trade Unions, Nationalism and the Workplace in Ghana, 1950-1980
21.06.2016 Martin Dusinberre Gastvortrag: Circulations of Labour, Bodies of Work: A Japanese Migrant in Meiji Hawai’i
14.06.2016 Heinz-Gerhard Haupt Gastvortrag: Forms of Informal and Precarious Work in Western and Southern Europe During the 19th and Early 20th Century
11.06.2016 re:work Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften: It's Tea Time. Wie kommt der Tee in den Teebeutel?
30.05.2016 Neda Deneva & Milena Kremakova Workshop: Precarity or Flexibility? Changing Realities of Labour in the New Europe
26.05.2016 Saima Akhtar, Rosa Barotsi & Clio Nicastro Workshop: In Front of the Factory. Cinematic Spaces of Labour
24.05.2016 Gerd Spittler Book Launch: Anthropologie der Arbeit. Ein Ethnographischer Vergleich?
21.04.2016 Romain Tiquet & Fabien Jobard Workshop: Policing in Africa (19th-21st Centuries): Actors, Knowledge and Practices. French and German Perspectives
19.04.2016 Elke Schüßler Gastvortrag: Work in Global Production Networks: The Case of the Garment Industry in Bangladesh
14.04.2016 Claudia Derichs, Manja Stephan-Emmrich & Shirin Saeid Workshop: Mobile Muslim Professionals: Trans-regional Connectedness and (Non-State) Cooperation in Asia and the Middle East
11.03.2016 Alex Lichtenstein Konferenz: Labor, Migration, and the State: Past, Present, Future
03.03.2016 Yoko Tanaka Workshop: Precarious Female Work in Service Sector in International Comparison
25.02.2016 Sandrine Kott & Theresa Wobbe Workshop: International Labour Organization as a Producer of Statistical Knowledge

12.01.2016 Frederick Cooper re:work Lecture 2016: From Enslavement to Precarity? African Labour History in Global Context
17.09.2015 ITH & re:work Konferenz: International Conference of Labor and Social History

09.08.2015 re:work in Kooperation mit dem Preparatory Committee des Institute of Critical Transnational Studies und dem Institut für Geschichte der Sogang University (Seoul, Südkorea) Sommerakademie 2015: Work and Non-Work in Global Perspective. Resonances, Connections, Contradictions
30.06.2015 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2014/15
28.06.2015 Toby Boraman, Paulo Fontes & Alexander Lichtenstein Workshop: Global Labour and the Crises of High Capitalism. Rethinking the 1970s
19.06.2015 Paul-André Rosental Workshop: Work Precariousness in the Context of Economic Growth
16.06.2015 Gerd Spittler Gastvortrag: Do Hunters and Gatherers Work?
04.06.2015 re:work Konferenz: 6 Years of re:work
01.06.2015 Mahua Sarkar Workshop: New Directions in Labour and Migration. Historical Legacies, Present Predicaments and Future Trends
27.05.2015 Felicitas Hentschke & James Williams Workshop: Home-Making as Work: Photographic and Ethnographic Portraits of Houses and Homes in Global and Historical Perspective
11.05.2015 Sabine Rutar Workshop: Arbeit, Lebenslauf und Krieg im südöstlichen Europa. Europäische und globale Aspekte einer Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte des Zweiten Weltkriegs und seiner Folgen
05.05.2015 Knut Kjeldstadli Gastvortrag: The Norwegian Model - Fact or Fiction?
09.04.2015 Paula de la Cruz-Fernández & Dmitri van den Bersselaar Workshop: Multinationals and the Organization of Work
17.03.2015 Mieke Matzke Quizoola-Experiment
03.03.2015 Baz Lecocq Gastvortrag: Post-Slavery in African Societies
27.02.2015 Heike Drotbohm, Anupama Rao & Stephen Rockel - in Kooperation mit dem HKW Workshop: Histories of Labour and the Labour of the Image. Harun Farocki's Cinematic Project on Labour
20.02.2015 Marcia C. Schenck Workshop: Of Minds, Migration and Master Narratives: Reframing Labor Migrancy in Mozambique
26.01.2015 re:work - in Kooperation mit ETHOS (Universität Cheikh Anta Diop) Sommerakademie 2014: Work in Post-Slavery Societies: Gender and Generations in Dakar (Senegal)
22.01.2015 Jürgen Kocka & Jürgen Schmidt Workshop: Zum Verhältnis von global- und nationalhistorischen Ansätzen in der Arbeitergeschichte
10.12.2014 Daniel Eisenberg Dokumentarfilm (Ausschnitte) & Diskussion: The Unstable Object
05.12.2014 re:work Workshop: Is Global History Truly Global? Positionality of Historians
02.12.2014 Rana Behal Book Launch: One Hundred Years of Servitude. Political Economy of Tea Plantations in Colonial Assam
06.11.2014 Carola Lentz, Jan Budniok & Andrea Noll Workshop: The Making of Middle Classes: Social Mobility and Boundary Work in Global Perspective
16.10.2014 Deirdre McCloskey Gastvortrag: The Condition of the Working Class, 1700-2014, and Why It Changed
17.07.2014 Wonchul Shin Workshop: Workforce Reductions in Shipbuilding Industries. Approaches in Global Labor History Perspective
08.07.2014 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2013/14
24.06.2014 Larissa Correa Gastvortrag: The AFL-CIO in Brazil. Labour Relations during the Civil-Military Dictatorship (1964-1978)
19.06.2014 Andrea Komlosy Book Launch: Arbeit. Eine globalhistorische Perspektive. 13. bis 21. Jahrhundert
18.06.2014 Giulia Palladini Gastvortrag: Free Time of the Nameless. Performance, Labor and Leisure in Times of Crisis
17.06.2014 Mahua Sarkar Gastvortrag: When Motherhood is Paid Work. Surrogacy and the ILO's Decent Work Agenda
10.05.2014 re:work Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften: Globale Geschichten der Arbeit
13.02.2014 Erdmute Alber & Tatjana Thelen Workshop: Doing Politics – Making Kinship: Back towards a Future Anthropology of Social Organisation and Belonging
03.02.2014 Peter Mark Gastvortrag: Free and Unfree Labor in 17th Century Morocco. Christian Slaves in Al-Mansur's Weapons Industry
30.01.2014 Ravi Ahuja Book Launch: Working Lives and Worker Militancy. The Politics of Labour in Colonial India
24.11.2013 re:work - in Kooperation mit der Landesuniversität von Campinas Sommerakademie 2013: Free and Unfree Labour in Global History (Campinas, Brasilien)
25.10.2013 Jamie Monson & Niels Petersson Workshop: Working on Globalisation. Work and Transport in Global History after 1945
12.07.2013 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2012/13
19.06.2013 Martin Klein Gastvortrag: Slavery in the Cities of the Slave Trade. The Case of St. Louis du Senegal
14.06.2013 Işık Tamdoğan & Yavuz Aykan Workshop: Work, Labor and Local Belonging in Early Modern Global Contexts
08.06.2013 re:work Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften: 'Workin' Nine to Five?' Arbeit und Lebenslauf global
04.06.2013 Andreas Wirsching Gastvortrag: Has 'Bourgeois Modernity' Come to an End? Gender, Work and the (De-)Standardization of the Life Course in Western Europe
28.05.2013 Bruce Berman Gastvortrag: Culture, Politics and Identity. The Humanities, Social Sciences and the Constructions of Ethnicity
13.05.2013 Ibrahima Thioub Gastvortrag: Slavery and the Slave Trade. Euro-African Memory of a Global History
16.04.2013 Aldrin Castellucci Gastvortrag: Many Voters and Few Electors. The Difficult Conquest for Workers’ Citizenship in Imperial Brazil (Salvador, 1850-1881)
26.03.2013 Catharina Lis & Hugo Soly Gastvortrag: Worthy Efforts. Attitudes to Work and Workers in Pre-Industrial Europe
19.03.2013 Mani Singh Gastvortrag: A World of Others’ Work: Learning and Improvisation in the Art Practice of Young Maithil Painters
12.03.2013 Alice Mah Gastvortrag: Intergenerational Lessons from the Liverpool Dockers’ Strike. Rebuilding Solidarity
13.02.2013 Josef Ehmer Workshop: Labour, Leisure and Life Course from a Global Historical Perspective
14.12.2012 Michael Wildt Workshop: Arbeit im Nationalsozialismus
13.12.2012 Alf Lüdtke Gastvortrag: Deutsche Qualitätsarbeit. Ladungen, Resonanzen und Zuspitzungen einer Vorstellung
11.12.2012 Leo Lucassen Gastvortrag: Towards a Global Comparative Model for Cross-Cultural Migrations, with Special Attention to Japan (1600-2000)
06.12.2012 Erdmute Alber & Heike Drotbohm Workshop: Rethinking Care. Anthropological Perspectives on Life Courses, Kin-Work and their Trans-Local Entanglements
01.12.2012 re:work - in Kooperation mit der Witwatersrand Universität Sommerakademie 2012: Work, Generation, and Life Course (Johannesburg, Südafrika)
08.11.2012 ILO, Institut d'Études Avancées de Nantes & re:work Konferenz: Safety at Work and Job Security
10.07.2012 re:work - in Kooperation mit der Universität Wien Session 176 of the XVIth World Economic History Congress: Work and the Life Course in Comparative Perspective
03.07.2012 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2011/12
02.07.2012 Richard Roberts Gastvortrag: The Work of Antitrafficking and the Persistence of Trafficking of Women and Children
21.06.2012 Henrique Espada Lima Workshop: The Boundaries of 'Free' Labor: 19th and 20th Century Perspectives
19.06.2012 Basile Ndjio Gastvortrag: These Bitches are Witches. Chinese Sex Workers and the Popular Invention of 'Witch-Other' in Cameroon
12.06.2012 József Böröcz Gastvortrag: Intimate Internationalism. Micro-Macrohistories of the Socialist Self
05.06.2012 Sigrid Wadauer Gastvortrag: Struggles over Work and Non-Work (Austria, 1918-1938)
04.05.2012 Anne Griffiths Workshop: Revisiting Communal Land Tenure
17.04.2012 Susan Zimmermann Gastvortrag: Night Work for White Women, Bonded Labour for Colored Women? The International Struggle on Labour Protection and Legal Equality, 1926 to 1939
07.03.2012 Josef Ehmer, Nicole Meyer-Ahuja & Lutz Raphael Workshop: (De-)Standardisation of Work Biographies in the 20th Century
06.03.2012 Howard French Gastvortrag: China and Africa. Real Stories and Meta-Narratives
06.12.2011 Eric Vanhaute Gastvortrag: Trajectories of Peasant Transformation, a Global and Comparative Analysis (1500-2000)
05.12.2011 re:work - in Kooperation mit IAAW & Universität Cheikh Anta Diop Konferenz: Changes in the Cultural Patterns of Work in Africa - A Comparative Approach
29.11.2011 Nico Pizzolato Gastvortrag: 'Unspeakable Brutality'. 1940s Abolitionism and the Campaign against Peonage in the United States
22.11.2011 re:work - in Kooperation mit Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin Workshop: Life Cycle, African Slavery and the Aftermath of Slavery
20.10.2011 re:work Workshop: Global History Globally
03.10.2011 re:work - in Kooperation mit V. V. Giri NLI, CeMIS & AILH Sommerakademie 2011: Working Lives in Global History (Noida, Indien)
25.08.2011 re:work - in Kooperation mit dem DFG Projekt "Sport Körper Subjekt" Konferenz: Sports, Bodies and Subjects: Sports History as the Social and Cultural History of Modernity
05.07.2011 Joseph C. Miller Gastvortrag: States, Regions, and Other Distractions from the Epistemology of History
30.06.2011 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2010/11
24.06.2011 Sandrine Kott Workshop: How Did Eastern and Western Europe Meet in International Organizations (1945-1973)? A Post-Cold War Perspective
21.06.2011 Charles Ambler Gastvortrag: Work, Leisure and the Commercial Revolution in Central Africa
20.06.2011 Ravi Vasudevan Gastvortrag: Official and Amateur. The Politics of Information Film in Colonial India
18.06.2011 David Warren Sabean Workshop: Household Work
18.05.2011 Jane Burbank & Frederick Cooper Gastvortrag: Empires in World History. Power and the Politics of Difference
10.05.2011 Paul-André Rosental Gastvortrag: World History of a Negotiated Disease. Silicosis in the 20th Century - the Road through Johannesburg
12.04.2011 Phillip Bonner Gastvortrag: Constructing Local Histories. Life, Work and Political Struggles in South Africa's Small and Medium Towns (1945-1995)
05.04.2011 Kurt-Georg Ciesinger Gastvortrag: Discontinuous Work Biographies in the Post-Industrial World of Work: Opportunities and Risks of New Concepts of Work and Life
01.03.2011 Sebastian Conrad Gastvortrag: Labor and the Myth of Confucianist Ethics in Meiji Japan
31.01.2011 Gerd Spittler Workshop: Children's Work in Africa
25.01.2011 Robert Salais Gastvortrag: Work Relationships as Seen by the Economics of Conventions
07.12.2010 Adelheid von Saldern Gastvortrag: Arbeit und Fordismus im 20. Jahrhundert
24.11.2010 Ehud R. Toledano Gastvortrag: Unfree Labor in the Ottoman Empire
16.11.2010 Anil Persaud Gastvortrag: Murder at a Place Called Solitude. Law, Labour and the Making of British Guiana
01.11.2010 re:work - in Kooperation mit Point Sud Sommerakademie 2010: Work and Human Life Course in Global History (Bamako, Mali)
10.09.2010 Jan-Patrick Heiß Workshop: The 'Actor' in Anthropology
30.07.2010 Gerd Spittler Workshop: Ethnologische Perspektiven zur Arbeit
01.07.2010 re:work Abschlusskonferenz: Fellow Year 2009/10
30.06.2010 David Coplan Gastvortrag: Word Miners. Basotho Workers' Auriture and its Interpretation
29.06.2010 Chitra Joshi Gastvortrag: Mail Runners, Roads and the Re-Ordering of Communication Networks in Nineteenth Century India
14.06.2010 Therese Garstenauer Workshop: Civil Servants, Work, and Life Course
06.05.2010 Rana Behal, Babacar Fall & Alice Mah Workshop: Global History and Sociology of Work - Perspectives from Europe, Africa and Asia
27.04.2010 Ludolf Kucheenbuch Gastvortrag: The Semantics of Work during the Middle Ages
13.04.2010 Vincent Houben Gastvortrag: Javanese Labour Migration in the Colonial Period. Regional and Global Entanglements
09.04.2010 Jacob Eyferth, Therese Garstenauer Workshop: What is a Standard Life Course?
16.03.2010 Gopalan Balachandran Gastvortrag: Movement to Migration. Historicizing Global Labour Mobility in the 20th Century
09.02.2010 Odile Goerg Gastvortrag: Work and Gender in African History. The Case of the Sierra Leone Women in Guinea
16.02.2010 John Barzman Gastvortrag: Dockers – Young and Old in the Port of Le Havre, France