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After twelve years and 149 incredibly great people that we could welcome as our fellows, re:work's fellowship program has ended in July 2021. The work continues but the framework is new.

If you are looking for a home for your academic work (for instance within the scope of a scholarship) though, please contact us.

From now on we are not able to accept applications for a fellowship anymore.

In the future, the re:work website will provide information about publications and activities of the former fellows, and researchers associated with the centre.



Habilitation Award for Caroline Rothauge

Our former Fellow Caroline Rothauge is this year's recipient of the Eichstätter Universitätsgesellschaft's prize for the best habilitation. In her habilitation thesis, she conducted a source-centered investigation of "Zeiten in Deutschland 1879 - 1919. Konzepte, Kodizes, Konflikte" (title). In doing so, she contributes to the so-called temporal turn, as she understands 'time' as a symbolic product of negotiation processes that change according to the respective current context and can thus be historicized.

A short statement by Caroline Rothauge about her research can be viewed here (German).



"The Unstable Object II" wins two Prizes at 33rd FID Marseille

The film "The Unstable Object II" wins both the Grand Prix Of The International Competition and the Georges De Beauregard International Prize at the Marseille International Film Festival.


Our heartfelt congratulations to our former Fellow Daniel Eisenberg.


His film presents three places: 1. A workshop in Germany where we follow the making of a prosthetic hand. 2. a traditional glove-making workshop in Millau, southern France. 3. a jeans factory in Istanbul, illustrating large-scale industrial production. A sequence of three workplaces, but with a common point of view and a common theme: the relationship between the hand and the machine, the work and the material, all patiently and closely observed.
Daniel Eisenberg meticulously scrutinizes these interactions and gestures, paying close attention to the individual actions and the time taken for each operation, from the starting point to the finished forms.



Daniel Eisenberg was Guest of the Director in 2016/17 and re:visiting fellow at the centre.



New Publications

Zimmermann, Susan, Women's Politics and Men's Trade Unionism, Löcker, 2021


Kott, Sandrine. Organiser le monde. Une autre histoire de la guerre froide. SEUIL, 2021.


Gibert, Marie-Pierre and Anne Monjaret. Anthropologie du travail. Paris: Armand Colin, 2021


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Lentz, Carola. Familie, Arbeit und soziale Mobilität. Ghanaische Perspektiven. Vol. 4. Re:work Lectures. Boston, MA: De Gruyter, 2020.


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Sinha, Nitin, und Nitin Varma, Hrsg. Servants’ Pasts. Late-Eighteenth to Twentieth-Century, South Asia. Bd. 02. 02 Bde. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2019.


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Please find a selection of publications by our fellows here.

International Social History Association (ISHA)

ISHA Newsletter Vol. 7 | No. 1 | December 2018


Former re:work fellow Benedetta Rossi (University College London) holds an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council on African Abolitionism: The Rise and Transformations of Anti-Slavery (AFRAB) between October 2020 and September 2025. Congratulations!


Former re:work fellow Dmitri van den Bersselaar (University of Leipzig) and former Guest of the Director Michel R. Doortmont (University of Groningen) have been awarded the 2019 ASA Service Award by the American African Studies Association (ASA). They receive the award together with their colleagues Jan Jansen (Leiden University) and John Hanson (Indiana University) for their "outstanding dedication to the ASA’s mission of encouraging the production and dissemination of knowledge about Africa, past and present.”